9 characteristics of polyurethane board materials

author: Tina
In the domestic and foreign markets, there are many kinds of thermal insulation materials, but the polyurethane board has the functions of anti-corrosion, anti-rust and weather resistance, and the middle is a rigid foamed polyurethane material, which occupies a major position in the current building thermal insulation market. It is the best thermal insulation and thermal insulation material.

The following summarizes its 9 advantages:

1. Wide range of operating temperature: the operating temperature of the core material is -196℃~+130℃, the instantaneous temperature reaches +200℃, and the shrinkage and embrittlement are small when used in a low temperature or even lower environment. It is a cryogenic (cold storage) project Ideal thermal insulation material.

2. Low thermal conductivity: The thermal conductivity of the composite board is small and the thermal insulation performance is good.

3. Non-toxic and odorless: The core material does not use Freon as a foaming agent. It is non-toxic and odorless when burning, and the volatilized gas is harmless to the human environment. It meets the national environmental protection requirements and is a new type of green building material.

4. Light weight: The weight of polyurethane board per square meter is only 10-14 kilograms.

5. Reasonable and simple connection: The sandwich panel adopts the buckle connection method, which avoids the hidden danger of roof leakage and saves the amount of accessories. The wall panel adopts yin and yang port plug connection, which is beautiful in appearance, saves the amount of spare parts, and is easy to construct.

6. Waterproof and moisture-proof: The core material is an organic polymer foam material, and its structure is a closed-cell type, which has good water absorption and water vapor permeability resistance.

7. Simple construction: The composite board is processed, produced and assembled according to the engineering requirements and the board width and modulus. Its installation effect is neat and beautiful in appearance, which is comparable to all the building decoration panels in China at present.

8. Flexible and convenient installation: The composite board not only greatly reduces the cost of the basic engineering and structural engineering of the building, but also can be disassembled and assembled many times for a long life. The construction and installation are flexible and convenient, and the comprehensive benefit is very significant.

9. Good fire resistance: the core material is B2 grade flame retardant material, its oxygen index is not less than 26, it will not melt when burning, and there is no black smoke and no high temperature decomposition drips. It is the most ideal building decoration board with the most ideal fire rating at home and abroad.

In summary, polyurethane board products, as roofing, wall insulation and thermal insulation materials, have the above series of advantages in manufacturing, installation, use, maintenance and leakage prevention. The decoration is environmentally friendly and beautiful.