Application of Color Steel Purification Panel in purification Engineering

For these biopharmaceutical workshops with both cleanliness requirements and strict control of microorganisms and bacteria in the air, we should not only strictly control the clean equipment in the purification project, but also the sanitary requirements of building materials in the clean room. The reason is that once there is a problem with the purification equipment, it can be replaced, and once there is a problem with the plate in the clean room, it is difficult to maintain. Therefore, the selected material should not only have the cleaning function, but also not easy to accumulate dust and corrosion resistance, so the purification board will be used.

Purified color steel plate is widely used in clean rooms in all walks of life, which stems from the cleaning function of the purification plate, which is not easy to accumulate dust and anti-corrosion. With the continuous development of modern industrial technology, the production of products in more and more industries needs to be carried out in a high clean environment, especially in pharmaceutical, electronics, food and aerospace industries. In biopharmaceuticals, there are not only high cleaning requirements for the air environment, but also the control requirements for bacteria and microorganisms in the air.

The application of purification board in purification engineering is not limited to wallboard and roof. At present, purification doors and air shower rooms in many clean rooms can be directly made on site with purification color steel plate, which will save costs relatively.