Characteristics and advantages of polyurethane sandwich panel

author: Doris
polyurethane sandwich panel
performance feature
  1. Low thermal conductivity, good heat insulation performance, is the best thermal insulation material
  2. Beautiful plate shape, easy installation
  3. Polyurethane sandwich panel has better fire resistance
  4. Polyurethane sandwich board is non-toxic and tasteless
  5. Wide range of operating temperature
  6. Waterproof and moisture resistant 
Polyurethane sandwich board has beautiful appearance and good overall effect. It integrates load-bearing, heat preservation, waterproof and waterproof in one, without secondary decoration. It is quick and convenient to install, short construction period, good comprehensive benefit and has good cost performance advantage,widely used, very potential energy-efficient building envelope material, is also advocated and promoted by the Ministry of Construction of a new type of energy saving plate.

Roof panel advantage

Polyurethane roofing panels are linked by dark nails, and the panel towers are closely connected.
Unique flume - proof design, effectively prevent rain infiltration, and avoid cold bridge phenomenon.
Peak height of 40mm, greatly improve the bearing capacity of roof panel. While ensuring the thermal insulation effect of the building, it can effectively reduce the construction cost of the customer. The roof slope can be as low as 3%.

Advantages of wall panels

Dark nail links, no exposed screws on the surface, the building wall beautiful and smooth.
High bending capacity, excellent wall mechanical properties, reduce the dependence on auxiliary steel structure.
Excellent thermal insulation performance, reduce the cost of building indoor air conditioning equipment.
A variety of appearance effect, beautiful wall.