Installation of Color Steel Sandwich Panel

Construction preparation: all preparations shall be completed before nailing the sandwich panel. Check the purlin specification and laying size: check whether the purlin laying specification, spacing and slope meet the structural design requirements. In addition to purlin support at the end of each roof panel, one or more purlins shall also be set in the middle.

Plate arrangement: the plate arrangement drawing shall be drawn according to the design drawings and the size of the actual roof part on site, which shall be used as the basis for cutting various plates. The cut plates shall be numbered according to the sequence of the arrangement drawing for the convenience of construction.

Water sprinkling test: after the nailing of roof slab is completed, spray water for water sprinkling test. The water sprinkling time shall not be less than 2H. Check whether there is leakage on the roof. If any problem is found, repair the leakage point in time.

When constructing the roof slab, prevent the scratch of the outer steel plate of the roof; During roof construction, sundries shall be cleaned in time, and sundries shall not block water outlets and inclined ditches; During roof construction, the wall and other finished products that have been constructed shall not be polluted; The stacking site of color steel sandwich panels shall be flat and solid, and it shall be easy to drain the surface water.

When the wind force exceeds level 4 or above, the roof operation shall be stopped; Electrical equipment and lines shall ensure power safety. Electric tools and equipment shall be started under no-load. Operators shall wear insulating gloves and insulating rubber shoes; Necessary rain proof, moisture-proof, sunscreen, antifreeze, fire prevention and other measures shall be taken for the storage of materials on the construction site according to the material performance; Operators must wear safety helmets and fasten safety belts for edge operations.