Precautions for Installation of Purification Panel

What are the precautions for the installation of purification panels

(1) Protective film
Construction shall be carried out at 5 ℃ - 40 ℃, and the protective film shall be removed within 30 days after construction; If the construction environment is > 40 ℃, remove the protective film within 5 days after construction.

(2) Handling:
1) Single person handling is prohibited, and attention shall be paid to the protection of edges and corners;
2) Lift the plate, separate your hands as far as possible, hold up the long side of the plate and carry it upright to prevent excessive bending of the plate;
3) It is recommended to carry two pieces at a time.

(3) Storage:
1) Ensure that the bottom is flat, the stacking height is ≤ 800mm, and the storage height is ≤ 2500mm.
2) It shall not be placed upright, and shall be stacked flatly according to the specification and type.
3) Store dry without leakage to ensure the superiority of the plate.