The Difference between Sound Insulation Panel and Acoustic Board

perforated rock wool composite board

The difference between the two is very big, mainly the working principle is different.

Acoustic board principle is to prevent sound transmission and allow airflow through a device, is an important measure to eliminate air dynamic noise.  

Sound insulation board is to show average sound insulation quantity (in infinite space, a piece of infinite material is put between sound source and measured point) exceed the plank of 30dB.  General objects have sound insulation effect, sound insulation board is generally high density material.  It is mainly used to isolate sound, similar to dam water blocking, to intercept sound in the designated area, so that the outside world can not receive sound.  

Acoustic board is a piece of sound insulation effect, mainly used for urban rail transit noise barrier, highway noise barrier, indoor noise barrier, air conditioner and mechanical noise barrier, etc  

Acoustic  board is an ideal sound-absorbing decorative material;  Used in theatre, concert hall, theater, studio, studio, listening room, conference room, gymnasium, exhibition hall, dance halls, KTV rooms, family cinema factory, quiet room, court, lecture hall, interrogation room and other places of acoustic sound-absorbing cotton mills and the excessive noise workshop and large public buildings sound-absorbing panels, smallpox condole top plate  

Simply speaking sound insulation board is pure sound insulation only, isolate the sound outside, do not let the sound enter, acoustic board is to absorb the sound, absorb indoor sound do not let spread outside, the effect is contrary.