Congratulations on Our New Signing of A Big Customer of Rock Wool Sandwich Board

       I am very lucky today, which is also the first American customer I have gained from my four years of doing sandwich panel business in  Guangzhou Xincheng New Materials Co.,Limited.  Our company was established in 2012, mainly engaged in a variety of sandwich panels and air filters . 
    At the beginning, the customer directly asked our company whether we had rock wool sandwich board. Then through whatsApp, we learned that the customer needed thick rock wool composite board, which was used for kiln.  At the beginning, the customer directly required high-quality goods. The steel plate should be 1.0 thick and the density should be 150kg. This is the highest requirement of rock wool sandwich board among the customers I have seen.  After quoting the price, the client thought the price was very high. After several rounds of counteroffer, the client trusted me and thought I was very patient, so he directly gave me this order without lowering the price.  Fortunately, the customer chose to cooperate with me. I arranged for the customer how to load the container and how to transport it in advance.  The customer is very happy and feels it saves a lot of trouble.

       When we consider more for customers, more professional service for customers, customers are very willing to know about our company and our products.  Guangzhou Xincheng New Materials Co.,Limited  is a company with 10 years of experience in sandwich panel production. Our products are sold at home and abroad, and our main business are all kinds of fire-proof, heat preservation, heat insulation color steel sandwich panel.  Welcome customers send your inquiry  .