Detailed Introduction of Polyurethane Sandwich Panel

Product characteristics
Energy saving and thermal insulation: the thermal insulation effect of the same thickness is twice that of EPS board.
Flame retardant and fireproof: it has passed the test of the National Quality Supervision Center, and the combustion grade has reached GB8624 B2 Standard.
Air tightness and sound insulation: good sound absorption and can reduce external sound.
Waterproof and antirust: large span, fast drainage and good waterproof effect; The screws are hidden and not easy to rust.
Beautiful and economical: beautiful appearance and rich color; Reduce loss and save time and labor.
Fast construction: within a certain modulus, the library body can change freely in three directions of length, width and height.

Introduction: polyurethane sandwich panel is also known as anti leakage sandwich roof panel, polyurethane rigid foam insulation board, polyurethane composite board and Pu board. It is a bimetallic, single metal and non-metallic composite plate with polyurethane rigid foam as the insulation layer. It is a high-efficiency and energy-saving building envelope material with wide use and great potential. It is also a new energy-saving plate advocated and promoted by the Ministry of construction, which can be applied to various building needs:
Public buildings

For example, public buildings such as airport and station waiting halls, stadiums, theaters and auditoriums, exhibition halls, convention and exhibition centers, museums, etc. due to the need for large space, such buildings mostly adopt the roof truss structure form of grid frame or pipe truss. Therefore, the materials of roof slab are light, thermal insulation and heat insulation, fire safety, waterproof, sound absorption Higher requirements are put forward in terms of durability.

Industrial plant and warehouse
Polyurethane sandwich panel has a series of advantages, such as light weight, fast and efficient, flexible layout and so on, which has become a recommended scheme in single-storey factory buildings. For multi-storey industrial plants, in addition to the sandwich panel for the roof of the roof, the polyurethane sandwich panel can also be used for flexible layout for the outer wall, so as to beautify the architectural appearance through the changeable colors and shapes of color coated panels. For industrial buildings with constant temperature and humidity requirements, sandwich panels with better thermal performance than brick walls are used as enclosure materials, which can greatly save the operation cost after completion.

Purification engineering
With the rapid development of electronic and pharmaceutical industries, the requirements for the cleanliness of the production environment are becoming higher and higher. Polyurethane sandwich panel is widely used as interior wall and ceiling material in production and working environment with cleaning requirements because the color coated plate on its surface is not easy to adhere to dust, easy to clean and less joints.

Composite house
The composite house built with polyurethane sandwich board has a series of advantages, such as light overall weight, flexible combination, convenient and fast construction, no secondary decoration, easy disassembly and relocation and so on. Sandwich panel composite houses can be relocated for many times, which makes them widely used in temporary buildings. In addition, sandwich panels are also widely used as composite houses for various purposes in industrial plants.