Can polyurethane sandwich panels be used in modular houses and mobile houses?

author: Tina

At present, modular houses built with polyurethane sandwich panels have been widely used. It has a series of advantages such as light overall weight, flexible combination, convenient and fast construction, no need for secondary decoration, and easy disassembly and relocation.

The use of polyurethane sandwich panels to build up-storey houses has become widespread. Due to the shortage of urban land, many units and individuals hope to build a one-story house on the top of the building without causing a large load on the original building. In the case of a small investment, it not only expands the usable area, but also solves the problems of heat insulation and waterproofing of the original roof. The advantages of the polyurethane sandwich panel combination house just fully meet the needs of users.

The feature that the polyurethane sandwich panel combination house can be relocated many times also makes it widely used in temporary buildings. In addition, a large number of polyurethane sandwich panels are also used in the interior of industrial plants for multi-purpose composite houses.

Due to the particularity of its materials, in addition to being widely used in the above-mentioned construction fields, people also give full play to its characteristics and apply it to a wider field. For example, the inner partition wall of the ship, the cold storage, the soundproof wall of the highway, etc.

With the continuous progress of science and technology and the upgrading of people's work and life needs, polyurethane sandwich panels can also meet people's needs better, and create a broader space in the building materials industry where new products are emerging.