What are the sandwich materials of color steel panels?

author: Doris
The sandwich raw materials of color steel panel are divided into foam color steel panel (the organic chemical name is polyethylene color steel panel), rock wool color steel panel, polyurethane color steel panel, paper honeycomb color steel sandwich panel, and glass fiber cotton color steel panel.

Foam color steel panel is an organic chemical raw material, which has the characteristics of light insulation and convenient installation. It has been widely used in the past two years. There is a not so good defect that the foam color steel panel is easy to ignite, which cannot meet the national fire safety regulations.

Rock wool color steel panel is a new type of fireproof panel with the strongest fire resistance among the color steel panel series products.It is made of pure natural rock formations, iron-making blast furnace copper slag, etc., which are melted into filaments at high temperature, and then dried and solidified.The rock wool color steel panel conforms to the second-level fire protection regulations of the purification workshop, and is the most ideal structural decorative material for the basic construction of indoor ceilings and prefab houses.It has a fire resistance of 600 ℃, and its fire rating exceeds Class A. There is no comparison between polyethylene and polyurethane. Its core board is rock wool board that cannot be ignited.

Polyurethane color steel sandwich panel is composed of upper and lower layers of color steel plates and polyurethane foamed polyurethane in the middle. It is one of the more commonly used decorative building materials in the construction industry today,it has excellent thermal insulation, thermal insulation, sound insulation and noise reduction effects, and the polyurethane added with flame retardant materials does not burn.

Glass fiber wool and phenolic resin foam sandwich color steel panel are  more expensive than foam and rock wool color steel panel.The raw material of phenolic resin foam is a polymer material organic chemical rigid aluminum platinum foam product, which is foamed by thermosetting plastic phenolic resin resin polyurethane.It has the characteristics of light weight, fire safety, no ignition in case of fire, smoke control, non-toxicity, no dripping, wide application temperature coverage (-196 ~ +200 ° C), and no folding or coking in ultra-low temperature natural environment.

  1. The sandwich color steel panel is easy to install. The sandwich panel has the characteristics of light weight, patchwork installation and easy laser cutting. It is decided that the installation is simple, which can greatly increase the output and save the construction period.
  2. The sandwich color steel panel is light in weight, and the net weight per square meter is less than 14kg, which can sufficiently reduce the structural load and reduce the construction cost.
  3. Sturdy and durable, various scientific research information shows and has been widely used overseas for about 40 years confirmed: the preservation period of the sandwich color steel panel solved by the unique coating is 10 to 15 years, and after every 10 years, the anti-corrosion material is sprayed, and the service life of the plate reaches about 35 years.
  4. With the performance of fire safety, the raw materials and thermal insulation materials of the colorful composite color steel sandwich panels are non-combustible raw materials, which can completely meet the requirements of fire protection regulations.
  5. The appearance design is beautiful and generous, and the clear wire frame of the profiled plate can be as high as dozens of colors, and the mutual cooperation with all design styles of engineering and construction must exceed the satisfactory actual effect.
  6. Thermal insulation, the common thermal insulation materials of this sandwich panel are: polyethylene, rock wool board, glass wool board, polyurethane, etc. This raw material has a low heat transfer coefficient. And then it is widely used in contemporary architectural decoration design.