Purification board is a composite board made of color coated board, stainless steel and other raw materials. Many people will ask, what types of purification board are included? The following is a summary of Guangzhou Xincheng purification board manufacturer, which mainly includes the following types:

1、 The core of the honeycomb purification board is made of flame retardant paper, and the panel and the other panel can be made of color steel plate and stainless steel plate. Its flame retardancy is grade B1 (only carbonization, no combustion), high rigidity, high strength, strong bearing capacity, good heat and sound insulation, strong flame retardancy, no toxic ingredients.

2、 Glass magnesium flame retardant paper honeycomb purification board is non combustion material with high fire resistance rating, good compressive strength and excellent appearance flatness.

3、 Rock wool purification board is a sandwich structure board, which is composed of color steel profiled board as the surface layer, structural rock wool as the core layer and special adhesive. The utility model belongs to a clean board with strong fireproof function, which can be blocked on four sides, and a reinforcing rib is added in the center of the board to make the board surface even and more flat, and the strength is higher.

4、 The glass magnesium mesh manual purification board is glued with glass magnesium mesh partition board, with steel plate on both sides and cold drawn profile frame on all sides. Main application: purification room ceiling, enclosure and net products, industrial plant, warehouse, cold storage, air conditioner panel.

5、 Paper honeycomb manual purification board, inside paper honeycomb core material, double-sided use of steel plate, around the use of cold drawn profile frame, gluing forming. It is mainly used in ceiling, enclosure and net products of purification room, industrial workshop, warehouse, cold storage and air conditioner panel.