Extruded Color Steel Sandwich Panel of New Building Materials

author: Tina
Extruded color steel sandwich panel is a new type of thermal insulation board which is made of polystyrene resin as the main raw material, and is continuously extruded and foamed by a special process, also known as XPS. The board has a closed-cell honeycomb structure. Compared with traditional materials, it has better thermal insulation performance, high compression resistance, no water absorption, light weight, and aging resistance. It is an ideal high-index engineering energy-saving material. It is mostly suitable for high-end places such as cold storage insulation, refrigerated truck siding, air clean workshop decoration and so on.

Extruded color steel sandwich panel is a kind of lightweight and high-strength sheet, with compressive strength ≥150kpa, with strong bearing capacity and impact resistance, which makes up for the soft and fragile defects of traditional sandwich panel materials, and it has the characteristics of building materials. .

The extruded color steel sandwich panel has a water absorption rate of less than 1% and a water vapor permeability coefficient of less than 3ng (m.s.pa), which has good moisture resistance, waterproof and impermeability, and can effectively prevent water molecules from passing through the thermal insulation layer to other objects. Erosion, thereby prolonging the service life of the entire engineering system. The extruded sandwich panel has stable chemical properties, does not decompose and mildew, does not contain volatile and harmful substances, and is certified as a green product by authoritative organizations.