What are the external wall insulation materials?

author: Tina
External wall thermal insulation materials are divided into inorganic and organic types according to their composition and properties. Generally speaking, organic thermal insulation materials have very good thermal insulation effect, but low fire resistance. Inorganic thermal insulation materials have good fire resistance, but their thermal insulation effect is extremely poor.

What are the wall insulation materials?

1. Benzene board: benzene board is used more now, but its thermal insulation effect is not ideal, it will absorb water, so if benzene board is used, some waterproof measures are generally taken.

2. Extruded board: Compared with benzene board, extruded board is much better, the thermal conductivity is lower than that of benzene board, and the price is slightly higher.

3. Polyurethane: It is a relatively high-end thermal insulation material, and it is also the one with the best performance. Generally speaking, it is used in some places with extremely strict requirements in this regard, and because of its high price, there are few houses.

4. Glass wool and rock wool: Glass wool and rock wool have many similarities in performance, and many people are easily confused, but because glass wool feels better than rock wool, its price is generally higher than that of rock wool.

New exterior wall insulation material

1. XPS extruded polystyrene foam sheet: also known as polystyrene extruded sheet (referred to as XPS); it has a perfect closed-cell honeycomb structure, and its density, water absorption, thermal conductivity and vapor permeability coefficient are all low Compared with other types of plate-shaped thermal insulation materials, it has the characteristics of good strength, light weight, airtightness, corrosion resistance, anti-aging and low price. Insulation, home decoration and other fields.

2. Thermal insulation mortar: thermal insulation mortar is a kind of ready-mixed dry powder mortar made of various lightweight materials as aggregate, cement as cementitious material, mixed with some modified additives, and mixed by production enterprises. Mainly used for building exterior wall insulation, with the advantages of convenient construction and good durability.

3. Phenolic foam: Phenolic foam is the most promising new type of thermal insulation material in the internationally recognized building ranks. Because this new material is fundamentally different from the usual polymer resin by adding flame retardants, it does not burn, does not melt, and emits no toxic fumes in fire. Corrosion, heat preservation, energy saving, sound insulation, low price, etc.

4. EPS board: EPS board, also known as benzene board and foam board, is the abbreviation of expandable polystyrene board. It is made of expandable polystyrene raw materials through pre-expanding, curing, molding, drying and cutting processes. It can be made into different densities, different shapes of foam products, and can produce various thicknesses of foam boards.