Fire Prevention Suggestions for Color Steel Sandwich Panel

Color steel plate can prevent fire from six aspects:
First, use rock wool with good fire resistance as the core material, which is a permanent solution.
Second, during the construction process, the core material shall be far away from open flame operations such as electric welding and gas welding;
Third, in the process of use, some heat sources and fire sources should not be close to the steel plate, but should be kept at a certain distance. If the kitchen is to be set in the color steel panel room, it needs to have a temperature insulation layer, and the wall should be equipped with fireproof rock wool insulation layer;
Fourth, it is better not to cross wires and cables from the core material. If it is necessary to cross, protective sleeves shall be added. The socket and switch box shall adopt metal galvanized box and open installation method;
Fifth, simple fire-fighting equipment shall be equipped indoors and outdoors, and fire alarm shall be installed if possible to facilitate rapid evacuation of personnel;
Sixth, a safe distance of at least 6 meters should be maintained between color steel plate houses. Although the sandwich filling material of color steel plate room without strict flame retardant treatment is flammable, it will not spontaneously ignite. Strict, scientific and effective management to keep the fire away from the flammable sandwich filling materials of color steel plate house is one of the important ways to prevent the fire of color steel plate house.