Glass Magnesium Sandwich Panel Excellent Performance, Promote The Industry Growth


The glass magnesium sandwich panels produced by Guangzhou Xincheng New Materials Co., Limited has the following features:

1. Fire Prevention Excellence:

Glass magnesium board has good fireproof performance, sheet is non-combustible, flame combustion duration is zero, 800 ℃, not burning, 1200 ℃, no fire, to achieve the highest level of fire prevention non-combustible level A1, with high-quality keel partition system, fireproof limit reached more than 3 hours, in case of fire in the process of combustion can absorb a lot of heat, delay the increase of ambient temperature.

2. Waterproof and Moisture-proof:

In cold and wet weather, glass magnesium board performance is always stable, not affected by condensation and wet air, even if put in water soaked for a few days after taking out the natural air dry, will not be deformed, soft, can be used normally, will not occur the phenomenon of moisture absorption back halogen. It has been tested that the board is impermeable to water.

3. Light Weight and Anti-seismic:

The apparent density of glass magnesium plate is 0.8-1.2g/cm3, which reduces the building load, reduces the weight of the interior wall by more than 60%, and increases the use area by 5-8%. The light weight is beneficial to the seismic resistance of the structure and effectively reduces the cost of the foundation and the main structure.

4. Superior Strength:

Magnesite special 5.1.8 phase dense glass fiber cloth and good toughness of plant fiber, glass magnesium plate is light in weight, but the structure is close, good stability, no deformation, with wood-like toughness, in the impact resistance, compression, tensile and breaking performance is excellent, both toughness and weight, The bending strength can reach 322kgf/cm2 (vertical) and 216kgf/cm2 (horizontal), and the impact strength can reach 25MPa.

5. Heat Insulation and Energy Saving:

Glass magnesium plate uniform pore, dense, inorganic properties, thermal conductivity of 0.216W /cm· K, than the sand brick cut 1.1W /cm· K more heat insulation, energy saving consumption, so that the room to maintain a comfortable environment and fresh air.