How to correctly choose manual board and machine board?

author: Doris
In clean engineering color steel plate is the main body of the building, but because the understanding of color steel plate is not very clear, so the selection of color steel plate is a practical problem that many users will encounter, so we will take the color steel plate series of manual rock wool board and mechanism rock wool board as an example through the following characteristics to do a comparison.

First, the way of making rock wool color steel plate.
Mechanism rock wool board is made of steel plate and rock wool core material by mechanism pressing, machine gluing directly formed. Manual rock wool board is the steel plate after machine folding processing, and then manually installed around the keel, manual gluing, filling rock wool core material, and then formed by pressing. Because there is a keel around, generally speaking, the color steel plate under the same conditions, the strength of the finished manual plate is higher than the mechanical plate.

Two, color steel plate installation.
In the first case, the mechanical rock wool board adopts tongue-and-groove connection mode, and the manual rock wool board adopts male and female groove splicing or adds “ type aluminum splicing between the two female grooves. Theoretically, the mechanism of rock wool board can be cut arbitrarily at the site, and the manual rock wool board with keel around, the general site should try to avoid cutting, so as not to affect the strength of color steel plate.

Three, color steel plate size specifications
The standard specification (width) of manual rock wool board is 1180mm and 900mm, which should be prepared according to the actual lofting size on site. We need to customize these plates with different sizes in advance.
The standard specification (width) of the mechanism rock wool board is 1150,950 mm, and some non-standard boards can be directly cut using the field.

Their relative advantages and disadvantages:
Advantages of manual rock wool board: high flatness, strong bearing capacity, easy installation. Disadvantages: high accuracy requirements for site lofting, joint and loss.
Mechanism of rock wool board advantages: fast processing speed, low construction cost, flexible size. Disadvantages: Relatively low strength.
So the user in the process of use, should be based on the situation of the scene to determine the characteristics of the machine board and manual board.