How much do you know about polyurethane sandwich panels?

author: Tina
Polyurethane sandwich panel is one of the most commonly used materials in the construction industry today, and it is a kind of building thermal insulation material. Because of its low thermal conductivity, it has excellent thermal insulation and thermal insulation properties; in addition, it has excellent performance in anti-aging or anti-corrosion, moisture-proof and waterproof, and can resist bending, not afraid of being bitten by insects and mice. Biting, not easy to be damaged, can play an all-round role in heat insulation.

Now most of the polyurethane sandwich panels are used in the construction of the construction industry, and can be recycled and laid, which is very environmentally friendly and energy-saving. This special material is synthesized by one-time molding, and does not require auxiliary materials such as other additives. The surface compression resistance and bending resistance are much higher than that of the same thermal insulation material several times.

Polyurethane sandwich panels are mainly used in roofs and exterior walls of public buildings, modular houses, industrial plants, and warehouses. For example: waiting or waiting halls of stations, stadiums, theaters and auditoriums, exhibition halls and exhibitions, museums, etc.;

Later, with the continuous progress of society, industries such as electronics and medicine developed rapidly. In the manufacturing process of products in these industries, it is necessary to provide a production environment with high cleanliness. Color-coated sandwich panels are not easy to adhere to dust, easy to clean and have fewer joints. In view of the characteristics of flexible disassembly and assembly of sandwich panels, polyurethane sandwich panels are also widely used as partition walls and interiors of workshops. Ceiling materials are widely used in production and working environments with clean requirements.