New thermal insulation material - Propor Oxysulfide Sandwich Panel

author: Tina
Ageless foam sandwich panel is a core material made of inorganic calcium carbonate, polystyrene particles, curing agent and auxiliary, and double-sided composite galvanized color steel plate. It adopts particle fireproof isolation film technology and uses copolymerization modification to make EPS monomer particles have the same characteristics as fireproof substances, so that each particle forms a relatively independent organic particle fireproof unit. When encountering a flame, a honeycomb structure with thermal insulation barrier will be formed, which will block the spread and penetration of the flame and prevent the occurrence of combustion.

Therefore, the propor oxysulfide sandwich panel is widely used in large industrial plants, warehouses, gymnasiums, supermarkets, hospitals, cold storages, mobile rooms, building layers, clean workshops and places that require thermal insulation and fire prevention.

In addition, the ageless foam sandwich panel has beautiful appearance, bright color, good overall effect, good load-bearing, thermal insulation and fire prevention, no need for secondary decoration, fast and convenient installation, and short construction period. It is a highly efficient and environmentally friendly building material with a wide range of uses and great potential.