Organize Product Knowledge Training To Be More Professional


In order to better improve the overall management level of the enterprise, to meet the strategic needs of the enterprise, to enhance the ability of the staff, to create an atmosphere of full learning, Guangzhou Xincheng New Materials Co., Limited organized a three-day product knowledge training for all staff.

This training mainly deepens the knowledge of our three main products, which are color steel sandwich board, portable house and air filter. Today is the first day of training, mainly to deepen the learning of color steel sandwich board . How much do you know about color steel sandwich board and its application? Next, I will give you a brief introduction.

Sandwich board products are composed of two layers of molded metal panels (or other material panels) and directly in the middle of the panel foam, curing molding of the polymer insulation core.Why is it called color steel sandwich board?Because of the organic coating on the steel plate, the surface lining with different colors, commonly known as color steel board.

The application of color steel sandwich boards: color Steel sandwich boards are widely used in large-scale industrial factory buildings, warehouses, gymnasiums, supermarkets, hospitals, laboratories, refrigeration storage, prefabricated houses, adding houses on top of buildings, clean workshops and other places where require heat insulation and fire proof. Color steel sandwich boards features of beautiful appearance and bright colors with good overall effect. It combines the functions of load-bearing, heat insulation, fire resistance and water proof. In addition, it is no need for decoration, convenient in installation, short construction period and high comprehensive profits. Generally speaking, color steel sandwich boards are kinds of high efficient and environmental friendly construction materials with wide applications.

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