Precautions For Installation Of Color Steel Sandwich Board


 Listen to the introduction of Xincheng color steel sandwich board manufacturer:

1. Before installation, clean the air pipes and sites in the purification area, and remove all items irrelevant to the construction in the site.

2. The Contractor shall make specific secondary design according to the design drawings, including roof layout, roof breakdown, panel layout, panel breakdown and relevant node drawings. After confirmation by both parties, order according to the actual requirements.

3. The color steel purification Board shall be factory protected by film, properly packed, loaded and unloaded in a civilized manner to reduce the damage of surface layer during transportation. The storage site of color steel plate and various accessories must be dry and clean, flat and solid, and the surrounding enclosure shall be surrounded for management if necessary. The stacking of color steel plates shall be neat and uniform, and the stacking height shall not exceed 2.0m.

4. After the color steel purification board is transported to the site, the product qualification certificate and relevant certificates shall be issued and the inspection application procedures shall be completed. The surface of sandwich plate shall not be scratched, and its geometric dimension shall meet the requirements of design drawings. If there is any scratch, the Contractor shall take technical treatment after the protective film is removed.

5. During installation, the plastic protective film on the wall panel surface shall not be torn off, and it is forbidden to impact or step on the pedal surface. The specifications, performance and integrity of accessories and various materials shall be strictly checked. Unqualified or damaged parts are strictly prohibited to be used.

6. All installation gaps in the clean area shall be sealed with silica gel. Before gluing, the installation gap must be cleaned strictly to remove impurities and oil stains, ensure that the paste is dense, and prevent falling off and ash accumulation. The surface of silica gel should be smooth and free from wrinkle.

7. After the completion of construction every day, the site shall be cleaned to make sure that the materials are cleaned and the site is clean every day.