fireproof phenolic foam panel
fireproof phenolic foam panel
heat insulation phenolic foam panel
30mm Thickness  Insulated Phenolic Foam Air Duct Panel
30mm Thickness  Insulated Phenolic Foam Air Duct Panel
fireproof phenolic foam panel
heat insulation phenolic foam panel
30mm Thickness  Insulated Phenolic Foam Air Duct Panel
30mm Thickness  Insulated Phenolic Foam Air Duct Panel

30mm Thickness Insulated Phenolic Foam Air Duct Panel

Model NO.
US $ 7.50-12.50 / square meters
Minimum order quantity:
300 square meters
Supply Ability:
8000 square meters / Day
Country of Origin:
Guangzhou ,China
Stock Time:
15-20 Days
30mm thickness insulated phenolic foam air duct panel is suitable for all HVAC ducting
Product Introduction:
 30 mm thickness insulated phenolic foam panel is suitable for all HVAC ducting.It can be farbicated into different kinds of shapes by cutting and adhesive connecting.Compared with the GI ducting,phenolic insulated duct panel has the advantage of low weight,fast installation,fire-resistant,sound insulation and energy saving.

Our phenolic insulated duct panel is made of 2 layers of aluminium foil at both side and 1 layer of phenolic foam in the middle.
                              Phenolic Foam Panel Specification
Length                                         3950/3900m                                                   
Thermal conductivity0.030W/m.k
Compressive Strength0.31Mpa
Water Absorption0.60%
Dimension Stability0.20%
Operating Temperature Limits-25°C  to 80°C
Fire and smoke performanceASTM  E84
Combustibility PropertyClass 0

Phenolic foam panel is manufactured from phenolic foam insulated duct panels and accessories by a set of special tools. The Panels consist of panel thickness 20mm, with double-faced 60um aluminium foil, both sides faced with aluminum foil, aluminum sheet, etc.

Characteristics of Phenolic Foam Panel:
1, Thermal Insulations
The thermal conductivity of phenolic foam is very low(0.021-0.032 W/mk), so it has good temperature convection deterrent, is excellent energy-saving material.

2, Fireproof
High oxygen percentage requirement. No dropping, no melting under high temperature but carbonized. And in a certain period of time can effectively prevent flame penetration.

3, Less Smoke Emission and Non-toxic
Low smoke emission under high high temperature, good integrity performance in toxic gas test of international standard.

4, Chemical Resistance
Extreme anti-corrosion for acidity and alkalescency.

5, Durability
Available working temperature range -140ºC to 160ºC. Stable physical feature, good aging resistance and service life can be up to 30 years.

6, Impervious
Phenolic foam has good  closed-cell structure, water absorption is low, performance of prevent the penetration of vapor is strong. When it's used as thermal insulation material, it won't appear condensation.

7, Sound Absorption and Noise Reduction
Because of the closed cell foam structure help to absorb sound, phenolic insulation board has excellent sound absorption and noise reduction performance.

8, Small Density, Light Weight
Phenolic insulation board density is below 100 kg/m3, even as low as 50 kg/m3. It can reduce the weight of the building and building load, installation of system is simple and fast, and the work efficiency can be improved. Therefore, the project cost can be greatly reduce.


Our Services :

1.Any goods can be produced as per clients'design and packing.
2.When you order reach a certain quantity ,we would to give you a lower price.
3.If any certificated you needed  cann't supply by us now,we can make certificates as per your requests.
4. If you are not clear about the material specification,you can send the samples to us ,we can check it ,let you know the specification.
5.Comprehensive service for order following and tracing.
6.Shipping cost inquiry to your destination port 

  • Place of Origin:Guangzhou,China
  • Brand Name:GZXincheng
  • Model Number:XC-PFP001
  • Panel Material:Nonmetal
  • Type:Phenolic Sandwich Panels

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