PU Sandwich Panels Are Mainly Used in These Five Fields


Polyurethane sandwich board: This product is a bimetallic, single metal and non-metallic composite board with polyurethane rigid foam as the insulating layer. It is usually used in the wall and roof enclosure system of industrial plants, logistics storage and integrated houses.

1. Industrial plants and warehouses. Polyurethane sandwich panels are mainly used for roofs and exterior walls of industrial plants and warehouses.

2. Purification works; With the continuous progress of society, electronics, medicine and other industries are developing rapidly. In the product manufacturing process of these industries, it is necessary to provide a clean production environment. The color coated sandwich panel is not easy to be stained with dust, easy to clean and has few joints. Therefore, sandwich panels are widely used as interior wall and ceiling materials in production and working environments requiring cleanliness.

3. Application fields include electronic and computer product manufacturing, medical supplies and drug production, aerospace, precision instrument manufacturing, food production, medical operating room and other industries. Although some workshops do not have high requirements for cleanliness, in view of the flexible disassembly and assembly of sandwich panels, polyurethane sandwich panels are also used as partition walls in the workshop.

4. Integrated housing; In recent years, integrated housing has become a major trend. Because of its beautiful appearance, convenient installation and low cost, it is more and more popular. Polyurethane sandwich panel is used in exterior wall panels because of its excellent quality and good thermal insulation performance., High intensity, very popular.

5. Aquaculture projects; With the development of domestic economy, intensive breeding projects have sprung up. Polyurethane is popular because of its good thermal insulation and fire resistance. New aquaculture projects, whether wall panels or roof panels, take polyurethane as the core material.