Flame Retardant Grade of Color Steel Sandwich Panel


The color steel sandwich panel product is composed of two-layer formed metal panel (or other material panel) and polymer thermal insulation inner core foamed and matured directly in the middle of the panel. These finished sandwich panels are easy to install, lightweight and efficient. The filling system also uses closed bubble molecular structure, which can eliminate the condensation of water vapor. The forming of the outer steel plate fully considers the structural and strength requirements and takes into account the beauty. The inner surface layer is formed into a flat plate to meet various needs.
The flame retardant grade of color steel sandwich panel is A1 in China, with excellent fire safety characteristics.

Why? The reasons are as follows:
The heat transfer coefficient of color steel is relatively low. When the relative density of hard color steel is 35-40kg per cubic meter, the heat transfer coefficient of color steel is only 0.018-0.024 / (m.k), which is the least among the thermal insulation materials developed and designed at this stage, only half of EPS. It is worth mentioning that color steel also has excellent moisture-proof and waterproof characteristics. Color steel is a hydrophobic raw material, and the internal muscle rate is above 90%. Therefore, the color steel is not easy to improve the heat transfer coefficient due to moisture absorption, and the wall is not easy to leak;
(1) Color steel is a self extinguishing raw material, which is not easy to ignite after adding halogen-free flame retardant. Color steel can dissolve only at high temperature, and the softening point is higher than 250 ℃;
(2) when colored steel is ignited, it will cause carbon and deposit on the surface of its foam plastics, which will help to block the O2 in the bottom foam plastics and avoid the spread of fire. And color steel is not easy to cause harmful substances at high temperature, which is not harmful to the body;
(3) Because the color steel sandwich panel has excellent fire safety characteristics, it can reduce the wall thickness and increase the total usable area in the room;
(4) Color steel has stable porosity and structural relativity, not easy to crack, strong safety factor, longer service life than other thermal insulation materials, high comprehensive cost performance and high relativity.