The development of rock wool sandwich panel and the introduction of common application places

author: Tina
Rock wool glass wool color steel sandwich panel is a new type of composite board, which is a new type of building material that has grown rapidly in the past five to ten years. These new building materials can meet the technical indicators of construction layout, thermal insulation and other related aspects, and have low cost and low investment, light weight, convenient construction, reusable and other characteristics, has been strongly recommended by the administrative department of configuration, so it has been widely used in construction projects, forming a social custom.
Due to the low fire resistance level and high smoke generation of some composite panels, once a fire occurs, a large amount of toxic fumes will be emitted and it will easily collapse, making it difficult to put out fires and easily lead to casualties. For this reason, this year's fire hazard investigation and control plan in Jiangsu Province will take it as one of the key contents of the investigation. The Jiangsu Provincial Fire Brigade also issued a special document, requiring that the fire supervision and management of composite panels in the application of construction projects should be strengthened. 

Rock wool glass wool color steel sandwich panels are used in the outer walls and roofs of steel structure workshops (such as the lightweight roof of gymnasiums), the internal insulation of clean workshops, the roof of clean areas, the boxes or separate plates of cold storage, and office buildings on construction sites. and the construction of dormitories for workers' groups, temporary housing for earthquake relief, etc. Some units also use composite materials for the isolation of workshops, offices, guest rooms and even operating rooms. Now after the construction of energy saving, rock wool glass wool color steel sandwich panels are also widely used in the construction of external wall insulation. The use of new composite materials in construction is very wide, and the amount of use is also large. Its combustion performance and fire resistance level have a great impact on the fire safety state of construction.