The market prospect of phenolic board

Building energy conservation plays a pivotal role in our country today when we actively advocate energy conservation. Phenolic board is a new type of non-combustible, fire-proof and low-smoke insulation material. It is a closed-cell rigid foam plastic made of phenolic resin with foaming agent, curing agent and other additives. Its most prominent features are non-combustibility, low smoke, and high temperature variation resistance. It overcomes the shortcomings of the original foamed plastic thermal insulation material, which is flammable, smokey, and deformed by heat, and retains the characteristics of the original foamed plastic thermal insulation material, such as light weight and convenient construction. Phenolic board can not only be used in traditional external wall thermal insulation system, but also can be composited with veneer layer to make thermal insulation and decoration integrated board. fire-resistant thermal insulation materials, fire-resistant thermal insulation materials for fire doors, and fire-resistant thermal insulation materials for low temperature or high temperature occasions. The phenolic insulation board is easy to make: it can be constructed on site according to the needs of users; it is clean and hygienic; the surface of the sandwich board is compounded with aluminum foil, which ensures the sanitation of the air supply from the air duct, with low resistance along the way and high air quality, so the product is called environmental protection delivery pipe. Since the product is composed of aluminum foil, phenolic foam, and aluminum foil, it has the characteristics of good sound insulation and shock resistance, heat preservation, flame retardant and energy saving, so that it can reduce operating costs. Phenolic insulation board is one of the most important construction technologies in external wall insulation construction. The insulation and non-combustion properties of composite phenolic insulation boards have become the focus of the industry. It is of great significance to our country to strive to achieve higher building energy efficiency, safety and fire safety and easy decoration. Compared with other insulating materials, phenolic insulation board has excellent fire resistance, is not easy to burn, and is exposed to high temperature or flammable substances for a long time. Unlike other organic insulation boards, once burned, a large amount of toxic gases will be released, which will endanger people's lives. The safety and environmental protection of phenolic insulation boards can better protect the safety of buildings and people. At the same time, its excellent thermal insulation properties enable it to be used in winter, summer and cool buildings, and its ultra-light weight also reduces the load and load of the building, which can reduce the cost of the structure. It is precisely because of the outstanding advantages of phenolic insulation board, coupled with the simple and fast construction, that phenolic insulation board will have a broader market prospect in today's national wall insulation, fire prevention and energy saving, safety and energy saving.