What is the difference between rock wool sandwich panel and glass wool sandwich panel?

author: Tina
Rock wool sandwich panel is a sandwich panel made of rock wool. It give full play to the unique properties of rock wool core materials, and have significant effects in fire prevention, thermal insulation, sound absorption and sound insulation.
This rock wool sandwich panel is widely used in steel structure workshop, roof, wall, ceiling and partition of air clean room.
Rock wool sandwich panels can generally be customized according to the requirements of customers. Rock wool sandwich panels have the most superior fire resistance among the series of sandwich panels.

The glass wool sandwich panel room is composed of two upper and lower layers of colored pressing plates through the combination of keel and glass wool.

Glass wool is a coil material made to meet the needs of large-scale laying. It not only maintains the unique characteristics of heat preservation and heat insulation, but also has excellent fire prevention, shock absorption and sound absorption characteristics, which is conducive to reducing noise pollution and improving the working environment.
Mainly used for: roof thermal insulation, roof thermal insulation, steel structure workshop wall thermal insulation, indoor thermal insulation and sound absorption, aquaculture roof thermal insulation and fire prevention.
Its thermal insulation, heat insulation, fire prevention, sound absorption, the effect is very ideal. It can also be arbitrarily tailored according to the needs in the construction, which has a good moisture-proof effect.