What sandwich panel is used in the surgical wall of the hospital?

author: Tina

With the continuous development of social development, the electronics industry and the pharmaceutical industry are developing rapidly. Due to the special social environment now, the pharmaceutical industry and the medical care industry are very busy. In this field, the production and manufacturing process of commodities must be maintained in a high-clean working environment.

I recommend glass magnesia rock wool sandwich panels as hospital surgical walls.

1. Dust-proof, anti-bacteria, wear-resistant and easy to clean

After many times of grinding, penetration, and waterproofing, the surface of the sandwich panel is tight and non-porous, free from dust and dust, which can effectively prevent the infiltration of dirt. As long as the simple cleaning, you can keep the indoor clean and tidy environment.

2. Beautiful appearance, economical and practical.
The surface of the board is smooth and flat, and the lines are clear, which increases the aesthetics of the interior.

3. It has the characteristics of anti-typhoon, anti-earthquake, heat insulation, sound insulation, heat preservation and moisture resistance.

4. Easy to assemble and disassemble, short installation period, especially suitable for the needs of emergency projects.

During the construction, the pollution caused by the decoration is greatly reduced, and the construction period and labor costs are greatly reduced. In addition, the maintenance cost in the later period is also very low, and there is no weakness that needs to be maintained after a bump like before, which greatly improves the use efficiency.