Xincheng Sandwich Panel Arrived Malaysia Customer's Factory

Mushroom house used sandwich panel arrived Malaysia customer's factory.

Six advantages of Xincheng

Production team: the production team comes from the birthplace of color steel plate and has rich technical reserves and cost control experience. It is the only OEM and ODM processing base of all kinds of color steel plate sandwich plate in the Pearl River Delta, especially good at the processing of thick plate and stainless steel plate.

Harsh testing: the company has developed a harsh incoming and finished product testing system, with extremely strict raw material control and delivery inspection, which can meet the harsh OEM requirements of the world's top 500.

Standard manufacturer: relying on ISO9001 management system, we are the only manufacturer in the industry that can let customers see the production standardization, management standardization and written operation.
Division of labor and cooperation: relying on team division of labor and cooperation, we can more quickly provide high-quality products and perfect after-sales service. Always adhering to "employees are the boss's biggest customers, and customers are the company's parents".

Rich experience: the team members of the company have more than five years of working experience in serving Party A of the world's top 500, and have the ability to supply and serve large-scale construction sites.

Talent allocation: the company is willing to pay for talents, has talent resource allocation in the industry, coordinates contract partners and creates a community of interests.