Application of Sandwich Panel in Construction Industry

Color steel plates play an important role in the construction industry. We should know that color steel plates with different core materials and different plate types can be applied to different construction needs, including industrial plants, public buildings, composite houses and other construction fields.

Color steel plate is used in industrial plants: color steel plate is mainly used in the roofs and exterior walls of industrial plants and warehouses. In the past, prefabricated concrete slab or asbestos slab was mostly used for the roof of industrial plants. With the rapid popularization of light steel structure, color steel plate has also replaced the above two materials with many significant advantages. While providing better thermal insulation effect, color steel plate, combined with the mature and developed light steel structure, can truly reflect the series advantages of light steel system, such as light weight, fast and effective, flexible layout and so on. Therefore, it has become the best choice in the current single-storey plant building. For multi-storey industrial plants, in addition to the color steel plate for the roof of the roof, the color steel plate can also be used for flexible layout of the outer wall, so as to beautify the architectural appearance through the changeable color and shape of the color coated plate. For industrial buildings with constant temperature and humidity requirements, color steel plates with better thermal performance than brick walls are used as enclosure materials, which can greatly save the operation cost after completion.

Application of color steel plate in public buildings: color steel plate can be mainly used in the roof and outer wall of public buildings with large space needs, such as mechanism, waiting hall or waiting hall of station, stadium, theater and auditorium, exhibition hall, convention and Exhibition Center, museum, etc.

Because public buildings need to provide more space, indoor air conditioning, fire prevention, etc. - this series of industrial plants have higher requirements. At present, such buildings mostly adopt the roof truss structure of grid frame or pipe truss. Therefore, higher requirements are put forward for the materials of roof slab in terms of light weight, thermal insulation, fire safety, waterproof, sound absorption and durability.

Application of color steel plate in composite houses: composite houses built with color steel plate have been widely used. They have a series of advantages, such as light overall weight, flexible combination, convenient and fast construction, no need for secondary decoration, easy disassembly and relocation, etc. Color steel plate is widely used to build additional storey houses. Due to the shortage of urban land, many units and individuals hope to build an additional storey house on the roof without causing a large load on the original building. In this way, under the condition of small investment, it not only expands the use area, but also solves the problems of heat insulation and waterproof of the original roof, The advantages of color steel plate combination room just fully meet the needs of users. colour steel. The characteristic that the slab composite house can be relocated for many times also makes it widely used in temporary buildings. In addition, color steel plates are also widely used as multi-purpose composite houses in industrial plants.