Are you still using traditional rolling shutter doors?

author: Tina
The traditional rolling door has many shortcomings, such as loud noise, laborious opening, single color, and it is not easy to clean, and the speed is relatively slow, so its application has been reduced a lot in a short period of time.
With the development of the times and the upgrading and transformation of technology, the current rolling shutter door is very convenient, and has good sealing performance, safety and reliability. Compared with the previous ordinary rolling shutter door, there are many advantages.

1Using high-density industrial fabric

It is made of high-strength and environmentally friendly polyester fiber, double-sided polyethylene coating, the thickness is 1.0mm, the base cloth has good self-cleaning properties, and the bottom is equipped with an air barrier cloth, which has good sealing performance, no dust accumulation, and simple cleaning.

2There is a dedicated motor with strong stability

The special motor of the high-speed door has been carefully selected and has the characteristics of small size, light weight and high power.

3With frequency conversion control system, strong stability

The high-performance upgrade control box and PLC are combined into one, and all functions are input into the PLC through computer programming, which has the characteristics of high performance, high reliability, high stability, and high accurate positioning. At the same time, it also has soft start and slow stop functions to ensure the smooth operation of the door body and increase the service life. (with current overload protection)

4Good wind resistance and strong sealing

The curtain fabric connection part of the rolling shutter door is equipped with windproof ribs, which can increase the wind resistance effect. The bottom of the door curtain is specially designed to be closely combined with various uneven ground. The guide rail has a built-in brush, which can play a dust-proof and sealing role.

5Adopt 304 stainless steel plate

The door body and the guide rail are made of stainless steel plate without fingerprints, and the thickness is 1.5MM (the inside of the guide rail is specially designed to reduce the friction with the curtain fabric under the condition of high wind pressure)

6Door opening speed can be adjusted

High frequency opening (1000-1500 times/day), the opening speed can be adjusted from 0.5 seconds to 2 seconds per second, a pair of infrared photoelectric protection switches are installed at the lower part of the door frame, when people or objects stay under the door body, the door body does not will fall.