What are the factors affecting the price of rock wool sandwich panel?

author: Doris
Rock wool sandwich panel is a kind of sandwich panel made of basalt as raw material, with excellent fire performance, and good sound insulation performance,and sustainable recycling.It is also widely used around the world.However,many customers are a little confused when they inquire about the price. Today,I will share with you the factors that affect the price of rock wool sandwich panels.
There are two main factors affecting the price of rock wool sandwich panel: surface material and core material.
(1)Surface material
 The rock wool sandwich panel has two layers of metal surface material, and the material, brand, thickness and color of this surface material will affect the price.
1. Material is the primary influencing factor. In terms of price, stainless steel plate > aluminum composite plate > ordinary steel plate;
2. The surface materials used by Xincheng are all selected from high-end brands, and the surface materials of well-known brands are selected. The quality is guaranteed, and the service life will be longer than that of ordinary market plates;
3. In terms of thickness, the thicker the surface material, the higher the price;
4. In addition, the color will also determine the price. Since the non-standard color needs to be customized separately, the price will be higher than the standard color price.
(2)Core material
The core material mentioned here is rock wool. Rock wool is made of basalt and other natural ores as the main raw materials, which are melted into fibers at high temperature, added with an appropriate amount of binder, and cured and processed. The brand, thickness, bulk density and fire rating of rock wool are all factors that will affect the price.
1. The brand of rock wool is one of the important factors affecting the price. Good quality brings better durability and stability, which can save you a lot of unnecessary trouble. Xincheng uses high-quality hydrophobic rock wool, so the price is relatively high.
2. The thicker the rock wool, the higher the price;
3. The lighter the bulk density, the cheaper the price;
4. The fire rating of rock wool can reach Class A fire rating. The higher the fire rating, the more expensive the price is.

Other influencing factors

For the entire project, the price of the material itself is important, but there are other factors that also affect the overall cost of the project.
1. Plate specifications: According to the design requirements, the shorter the plate surface, the more connection parts, whether it is labor or material cost or even the construction period, the required cost will rise. Therefore, while meeting the mechanical properties and wind resistance needs, the relatively long plate surface is more economical;
2. Application system: Compared with the general purlin system, choosing the wall structure without purlin system saves the horizontal and vertical purlins and inner lining boards, reduces the overall steel consumption, and the prefabricated structure design greatly improves the construction efficiency and the overall economy.
3. Transportation radius: The transportation radius is the transportation distance for a certain kind of goods to be transported by a certain mode of transportation under certain transportation conditions. The smaller the distance, the lower the price. If there is no advantage, it will be more economical to source materials locally.
In general, it is "you get what you get for every penny". Although a good product is not cheap, its quality and performance must also be more guaranteed. Instead of being greedy for a moment and suffering from maintenance in the later period, it is better to get it in place at one time and save worry and effort.