Effect of Ambient Humidity on Rock Wool Sandwich Panel

Rock wool sandwich board is often used as thermal insulation material. Water absorption is an important parameter to measure thermal insulation material. Therefore, the environmental humidity has a certain impact on the rock wool sandwich board, as follows:

1. The thermal insulation performance of rock wool sandwich board with poor quality decreases after absorbing water. Under the condition of high environmental humidity, the inhaled water is very easy to freeze, damaging the structure of thermal insulation material, so as to make the board
The compressive and thermal insulation properties of the decreased.

2. High quality rock wool sandwich plate has stable molecular structure and no gap, which solves the problems of water leakage, penetration, frosting and condensation of other materials.

3. How to evaluate the quality of rock wool sandwich board? The rock wool sandwich board does not age, decompose or produce harmful substances during long-term use. Its chemical properties are extremely stable and will not be affected by corrosion. Water absorption and putton lead to degradation, which reduces its performance, and can still maintain its superior performance in high temperature environment.