Precautions for Installation of Purification Panel

There is no trivial matter during the installation of the purification board, and care should be taken in any case, so as to ensure the quality of the project. This is still the case when installing the purification board, so what should we pay attention to? Today, Xincheng purification board manufacturer will explain the precautions in the installation process.

1、 Protective film
It is recommended to construct at 5 ℃ - 40 ℃, and remove the protective film within 30 days after construction; If the construction environment is > 40 ℃, remove the protective film within 5 days after construction.

2、 Carry
(1) Single person handling is prohibited, and attention shall be paid to the protection of edges and corners;
(2) Two workers lift the plate together, keep their hands as far apart as possible, hold up the long side of the plate and carry it upright to prevent excessive bending of the plate;
(3) It is recommended to carry two pieces at a time.

3、 Store
(1) Ensure that the bottom is flat, the stacking height is ≤ 800mm, and the storage height is ≤ 2500mm;
(2) It shall not be placed in a scattered upright position, but shall be stacked neatly and flatly according to the specification and type;
(3) The storage place must be dry without water leakage and seepage to ensure the superiority of the plate.