What is mechanism EPS sandwich panel ?

The "EPS sandwich panel", as the name suggests, is made of professional machines. What are the characteristics of machine-made panel? First of all, it must be the precision of the production is relatively high, the specifications of the machine board are relatively accurate. After setting the specifications on the machine, there is almost no error in the production of large quantities of plates, so the accuracy of the mechanism foam board is relatively high.

So what's called foam board? What is the biggest feature of foam board? The reasons for the widespread use of mechanism foam board are as follows:

First, light weight
This is one of the most advantageous features for the mechanism purification board. The light weight of the board determines that the foam board is very convenient and fast in the transportation and installation process.

Second, it is widely used
The use of mechanism foam board is very extensive. It can be used in manufacturing, construction, aviation, medical and other industries. It can provide the most efficient way of production for different industries.

Third, the price is cheap
Because of the sufficient supply of raw materials and high cost performance, the mechanism foam board can meet the needs of temporary buildings.