How About Thermal Insulation and Sound Absorption of Sandwich Panel?

The color steel sandwich panel is made up of two layers of color coated steel sheet as the surface layer. The material with rigid and thermal insulation and low strength, such as rigid foam, rock wool board and other thermal insulation materials, is made of special material on the automatic production line. Because of its structural characteristics, it is also called "sandwich" plate. According to the use position and panel type of the building, it can be divided into roof panel, wall panel, partition board and ceiling board. As a new multifunctional building board, it has the characteristics of thermal insulation, sound insulation, strong bearing capacity, bright color, flexible installation, low cost, waterproof and earthquake resistance.

The performance of heat insulation, heat insulation and sound absorption of color steel sandwich panels is mainly determined by its core material - thermal insulation material, which not only requires good thermal insulation, but also needs sufficient strength and stiffness, and also has good adhesion with color steel plates. According to the chemical composition of its products, it can be divided into two main categories, namely, organic chemical foam materials, such as polyurethane foam plastics, Polystyrene foam, phenolic foam, polyurethane foam and so on. The other is inorganic fiber materials, such as rock wool board, mineral wool board, glass wool board, etc.